'Introducing Me' Post

I never know what to stick on my 'About Me' page. Partly because I'm a waffly so-and-so, who honestly should have a personal editor permanently situated on the lounge chair next to me; partly because I haven't really decided what it is, exactly, that I want to do with this online space. 

I'm... eclectic. Not in a religious sense - though, maybe in a religious sense too? I'm still finding my way on that one. And this is probably my point: I'm still finding my way on a lot of things. For someone who thought she had the world entirely figured out in her early twenties, I sure am uncertain about a lot of things in my thirties.

Basically, I go by the name Sunna. I'm a queer, cis woman, wedded to a lovely man. Together we're raising our son, bilingually, and influenced by Waldorf-Steiner philosophies. I'm Australian. I obsess about dumb things, have generalised anxiety, and prefer to be at home rather than out socialising. Once I feel comfortable with you, though, you'll find that I go from quiet-and-awkward, to way-too-talkative. :P

Religiously, I was brought up in a heavily evangelically Christian family (my parents were literally employed as Evangelists). I walked out of a church, mid-anti-gay-sermon, in my twenties, and rarely went back after that, but I still called myself a Christian... just, the kind who played "pick and choose" with which parts of the Bible I was willing to accept. Eventually, even that fell to the wayside. In more recent years, since giving birth, I have begun to explore druidry, paganism (and heathenry), animism, general witchyness, and the tarot. 

I'm fond of creative writing, drinking tea, and being seduced by the world outdoors. 

As for my domain name..?

The henwife: "related to the witch, the seer, and the herbalist, but different from them too: a distinct and potent archetype of her own, an enchanted figure beneath a humble white apron. ...a woman who is a part of the community, not separate from it like the classic 'witch in the woods'; a woman who is married, domesticated like her animal familiars, and yet conversant with women's mysteries, sexuality, and magic" (Terri Windling, Hen Wives, Spinsters and Lolly Willows).